About Barry Horne BA


So why should you come to me as your trainer for information assurance training and awareness?

I have been passionate about delivering effective information assurance training for over ten years.  My involvement in information assurance research has convinced me delivering an appropriate information assurance training programme is key to an organisation's success.

I have experience in developing and delivering information assurance training to a wide range of commercial and public sector clients. I believe I am well placed to help you achieve the aim of developing your security culture.

I am a highly experienced and customer focused manager, trainer, engineer, defence and security specialist offering a breadth of experience gained over 40 years working in international environments including European and North American.  I am very experienced in working in secure and confidential environments.

While working in industry I fulfilled various roles rising to Principal Consultant responsible for designing and delivering both bespoke and general information assurance training and awareness programmes to major public sector clients such as law enforcement and government departments.  Prior to that I had worked as a Senior Project Manager and Consultant on various programmes including secure hosting services, managing the supply of CLAS consultants to prestige clients, business continuity, risk and threat analysis, and technical research in Information Operations.

I have an aerospace defence background and have worked in strategic level communications where I was responsible for electronic warfare and information operations training nationally.

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