Cyber Attacks increasing – SMEs are prime targets!

Those of us in the industry know that 2015 saw a global increase to 43% in the number of cyber attacks targeted at businesses with fewer than 250 employees according to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report?

We also know the current HM Government Information Security Breaches Survey report (HMG ISBS) supports this finding and the situation is getting worse in the UK. The HMG ISBS states 74% of small businesses suffered a security breach with the average cost of the most serious attacks ranging anywhere from £75k to £311k!

To any SME Owner reading this, protecting your business against cyber threats need not be difficult or costly.

The 5 key controls described in the Cyber Essentials Scheme are the basic security housekeeping precautions that will give you the most cost effective protection. They will help your business survive up to 80% of the most common cyber threats.

Considering an independent academic study by Lancaster University has supported this – can you afford to ignore this standard?

Gaining the Cyber Essentials certification will be recognition of your due diligence toward protecting the data and information of your customers and suppliers. Certification is also a clear market differentiator for your business.

So why is this message seemingly not reaching the majority of UK SMEs? Could it be Cyber Essentials gets lost amongst the mass of cyber security advice and guidance available? Is the Cyber Essentials scheme too ‘technical’ for the SME owner to understand the benefits of adopting it?

This is where we at BPH Training come in with our IASME accredited Step-by-Step Cyber Essentials course.

The course explains the basics of cyber security and takes attendees through the 5 key controls of the scheme. By the end of the course our students have a fundamental understanding of cyber security, how Cyber Essentials works and benefits their business, and how to go about achieving certification.

Through our training we remove any mystery and pain from the Cyber Essentials process.

To find out more about the scheme and how we could help you with Cyber Essentials certification for your business click here.

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