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The UK Government sponsored Cyber Essentials Scheme helps organisations implement basic levels of protection against up to 80% of common cyber attacks allowing them to demonstrate to their customers that they take cyber security seriously.

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In addition to our cyber security training courses we offer training consultancy to advise and assist clients in the development and delivery of appropriate and effective information assurance training to their organisations.

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Information assurance consultancy centred on the IASME Governance standard, including: gap analysis, development of security policies, incident management and business continuity plans and much more.

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At BPH Training Ltd we do not believe in the fear, uncertainty and doubt approach to cyber security. We prefer to take a pragmatic down to earth approach to protection against cyber threats.

As an SME we understand the business pressures on fellow business owners. Therefore, we offer no nonsense, straight forward assistance and advice to get you through your Cyber Essentials assessment.

Our services are flexible and our pricing structure is simple making choosing your approach to certification easy.

Here is how we can help:

Cyber Essentials Prepare

We offer the Step-by-Step Cyber Essentials course, accredited by the IASME Consortium. This course will introduce you to the core concepts of cyber security and prepare you for completing the self-assessment process for Cyber Essentials and the IASME Standard.

A place on our Step-by-Step Cyber Essentials training course costs just £300 (Ex VAT).

The price excludes the assessment fee.

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Cyber Essentials Managed

We offer a complete support service to your organisation's Cyber Essentials application from checking your application through to managing the entire process on your behalf.  We shall also engage leading certification bodies to assess your application.  You can choose between remote support by telephone and email to full on-site support.

Our fees for this service range from £200 - £750 based on remote or onsite support.

All prices exclude the assessment fee and VAT.

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No cyber security knowledge is required for this one day course accredited by IASME.

The course provides the training needed to self-assess your company against the Cyber Essentials standards.

This course is aimed at a non-technical audience but will also be of benefit to those with general technical skills who are not specialists in information security.

The course will train you in the core concepts of cyber security.

It will provide you with the knowledge to complete the self-assessment questionnaire, and the confidence to ask the right questions of suppliers and experts within your own company, to find the answers you need.

Price £300

In addition to our cyber security courses we offer security training consultancy to advise and assist clients in the development and delivery of appropriate and effective information security training to their organisations.

Information security training is important because humans can be the weakest link in an organisation's security if they are not equipped appropriately to work for you effectively.

Effective organisations protect themselves by building a security culture where security is everyone’s responsibility.  Sharing responsibility for information security across the organisation, from its top to its bottom, means security becomes part of business as usual.

Effective information security training and awareness at all levels of your organisation are key to combating human security vulnerabilities.

We can help you develop effective information security training tailored to your organisation's needs from training needs analysis, through content development and delivery, to maintaining your training in the longer term. We help you make information security work for your people.

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Now you have decided to take your organisation's information security to the next level, how to get there?

The award winning IASME Governance was developed to be an attainable and affordable information security standard for the SME sector. The standard is an organised way for any organisation to implement new ways of securing its information, improve existing ones, and be recognised for having done so. Implementing IASME Governance also creates security aware staff.

Through our intimate knowledge and understanding of the IASME Governance standard we help you develop effective information security policies and procedures tailored to your organisation.  In the process we assist you in achieving certification against the standard.

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What are our clients are saying about us?

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In preparation for our application, we attended the Step by Step Cyber Essentials training course delivered by BPH Training Ltd, a B2B training company based in Weston-super-Mare.  The 1-day course was delivered very professionally by Barry Horne at The Hive and we came away with a good understanding of cyber security, the scheme and what our application would entail.
Mark Yates, Managing Director Scan Film or Store Ltd
We opted for a Cyber Essentials Managed package from BPH Training which included their Step by Step Cyber Essentials training course and telephone and email support to our application.  The course prepared us well for our assessment and the follow-up support to our application was excellent.
Charles Marfleet, Technical Director LEWIS Creative Consultants
I had a great time, learnt a lot, and gained great value from the day. Cyber security is a topic which we must address in most areas of our work and personal lives, so it is important that we understand it in full, even the most complex aspects. Barry did a great job at pitching the material at the right level which made the session a success!

The process of working with BPH Training to complete my Cyber Security certificate was easy, helpful and quick. Quite simply I couldn’t have passed without their expert knowledge to guide and make changes to my systems. Barry walks with you every step of the way to ensure that you pass. I am still in shock that I passed first time and that is all thanks to Barry and BPH Training.

Helping you secure your business!

Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance help, off the shelf courses plus design, production and delivery of bespoke training, we have you covered.

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