What we are

A team that loves working with SMEs

You are rightly proud of your business having worked hard to make it a success.

Like you we are an SME so we understand the business pressures you feel.  That is why BPH Training is driven to help you succeed in the fast paced, Internet connected business environment.

We are passionate about helping connected businesses thrive.  That passion is at the very heart of everything we are!

We and our partners have decades of experience in public and private sector information assurance.  That means we are well placed to help you protect your business and ultimately strengthen your competitive edge.

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What we do

Help SMEs gain competitive advantage

In today's, and tomorrow's, connected business environment information is key. Suppliers and customers increasingly expect your business to assure the security of their information while in your hands.

The ability to demonstrate good information security is seen as a business enabler and market differentiator.  Indeed, holding formal certification of your information security is a requirement for many contract tenders.

But how can you demonstrate that assurance as part of business as usual?  You must develop a security culture as an integral part of your business ethos.  We believe that education and awareness about basic information security practice, across your whole team, is the foundation of that security culture.

We work with you to build your security culture through our training courses.  Ranging from Cyber Security Awareness briefings and workshops, to formal training courses to prepare your business for Cyber Essentials assessment and certification, we cover all of your information security training needs.

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